Sunday, March 11, 2018

Zanzibar Column for Sale

For Sale -- Zanzibar Column as shown in Congo Rules
25mm Hand Painted (I always wanted to write that) based on flocked plastic, 1 inch circles (add your own magnet or steel) Foundry Figures, straight out of the pages of the Congo book.
The Emir
The Diplomat (or call him what you will)
Zanzibaris - 5

Trained Troops - 4
Baluchis with swords - 5
Young Warriors - 5
Scouts - 3
24 Figures.

I have seen sets this quality figures going for $5-7 per figure on eBay and forums.  Bare figures cost $2 and $3-5 for painting.

I will compromise and ask for $120 and will add
Complimentary bearer and lion

Postage:  Fixed rate USPS box @ $13.65
US only as too much trouble to do customs forms and anyway, postage is 3 times as much.

I have plenty more Arabs

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Strange figures from Essex for my King Arthur Army

Strange figures from Essex for my King Arthur Army
I ordered a ready made King Arthur army from Essex,  DBA 3 Book 2 81a.  All nice figures but when I got down to actually painting them, I found that the Spearmen were actually Saxon Warband -- SXA4.  Not only do they not look like Romano-British pedyt, some have axes.  They should have oval shields.

So either Essex does not know what the troops look like, or they made a packing mistake.  I want to ask for a change, but what should be the figure I ask for?

Here is what they sent for the Auxiliary and the Spearmen

In 25mm I have Footsore Romano British.  What Essex figure is best for this?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cat terrain modification
Cat surveys the troops

There is a pike sticking up my a&*
So cozy
Cat Baffles

This is not so bad

Monday, August 7, 2017

Playing Wild West and Colonial With Flying Lead
 The Battle of Tantapor at the beginning of Gunga Din, Flying Lead from Ganesha Games

 Bad Activation Dice

Game based on original Magnificant Seven Movie, using Flying Lead from Ganesha Games

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Oswald Mosley and his wife reviewing the British Union of Fascists Women's Auxilary.   Mosley by Black Tree Design, wife by Bob Much