Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Some Recent Games, July 2018

Here are pictures of recent games I have done.  .

First a picture of a Congo, the Africa adventure game by Studio Tomahawk.  This is a shot of a game between my son, Rob, and me.  It is Adventure 6.  Rob had a  safari of Belgian Force Publique  and I one of the Sultan of Zanzibar, both seeking rare treasure guarded by sacred warriors in the center of the table.  We each were attacked by a gorilla we found in a rough going terrain as we searched for a clue telling were we could exit after getting the treasure.

Next I present some pictures of a Charge game, British vs French in the War for Spanish Succession.  The original book used 30mm figures but the Dexter Group used 28mm figures provided by Steve Miller.
First a couple of pictures of British infantry assaulting over a river to attack French on a hill.  These are painted in a nice Toy Soldier style with gloss finish.

 Next the second round of a Cavalry melee between French and British
French on Hill and below defending against British attack.

Lastly, some pictures of, could it be? Bob playing in a Dungeons and Dragons game. Not since the game was first introduced, and a classic review in The Courier, have I ever played. 

The local group decided to do this on our usual game night and I had to go along.  It was an interesting exercise in role playing.  I would do it again, if the group so chooses, but I would not seek out a game.  I played an Elf, with a peasant minion and a dog, part of a group seeking to check into strange goings on at an ancient, damaged tower.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Various Playmobil Figures

Clown Army


 War "Band"

Chariot Racing

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


One way to make hint cards is to show just a picture of the troop type, move advanced is to show a picture of an actual element.  I have gone further to show all the elements in an army of each type. 

The examples below come from the Pict Army

II/68b PictishArmy 500-842AD:  General on horseback(Cv) or on foot(3Pk), light
 horse(LH), spearmen(3Pk),  3 x archers or crossbowmen (Ps).

These examples come from a recent King Arthur vs the Saxons Big Battle game.  As this was based on the movie "King Arthur," the Picts were an ally of Arthur.  To represent the character of Guinevere played, by Kira Knightly, I added a fast bow with a female archer.  This replaces one of the Psiloi elements.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Bob Wall Tournament Game for MFCA War-games Convention, 1969

This is the map/board used in the Tournament Game.  Squares are 1 in.  An army consisted of 12 infantry stands , 3 Cavalry stands (both of 2 figures each) and 2 stands of Artillery with a gun and 2 crew.  At that time the figures were typically Airfix U.S. civil war.

Thursday, June 14, 2018