Thursday, December 8, 2016

Good, Bad and Ugly HOTT International Tournament 2016 Midwest Leg

Here is information about the Midwest USA Leg of the 2016 GBnU Tournament.

We had our event on Saturday, Dec 3.  10 players.  We did 25mm, with BW measurement, 24AP on 3 foot battlefields,  Three 1 hour rounds. All terrain was furnished, and the same for all battles.  Woods, Hill, and generic bad going.

The Players

Sign by Penny

Here is an example of a game with the terrain placed.

Souvenir Marker for each Player

We had one game that needed the souvenir Self-ensorcell
 marker (white square -- color lost in flash :()

                             First Place Winner                           Second places
                            (Penny accepts for her Father)         Carl and Steve

                          Third Place                                                               Best Rookie
                                                                     Patrick Monaghan
                            Jim Wood

Team Winners
Patrick -UM Student, Penny (for Father - UM alum) 
Bob - Retired after 43 years working at UM
I did not play, I was the 12 player, but 11th did not come

Robert Royce

Best Rookie, Team, Third, Second and Second

The Wooden Spoon, for last Place

Final Scores

 Best Army from David Shepps.  Burmese