Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Announcement of Taste of DBA 3

A  Taste of DBA 3  at Cold Wars

POC:  Bob Beattie, member of DBA 3 Development Team

DBA  3 is Phil Barker's official new version of  his classic ancient/medieval game.  While building on the basic ideas of the earlier versions, this one has many new concepts and procedures that make it an almost all new game. 

Here is an opportunity to learn and play this latest official offering from Phil. 


10am – noon
Introduction to DBA 3
Event Type: Interactive Learning Experience
Scale: any
Rules:  DBA 3
Players: unlimited
GM:  Bob Beattie

An introduction to the new DBA 3
Get an overview of the new rules, play a sample game, ask questions, come and laugh at me for playing DBA 3  J


1pm – 5pm
DBA 3 Duplicate Tournament.
Event Type: Duplicate Tournament
Scale: 15mm (figures provided)
Rules:  DBA 3
Rounds: 3 - 4
Players: 8
GM:  Bob Beattie

Players will take part in sample games. All boards, terrain, and figures will be provided.  Each game demonstrates aspects of the new game. This is a chance to try out DBA 3 with no investment.   If you cannot play, feel free to come and watch a while.


1pm – 5pm
DBA  3 Matched Historical Pairs
Event Type: Pairs Tournament
Scale: 15mm  (Some armies are available)
Rules:  DBA 3
Rounds: 4
Players: 8
Any DBA 3 army is eligible with historical enemy
GM: Bob Beattie
Each player provides 2 armies that are listed in the rules as enemies.  Since the armies are matched pairs, it will be ok to bring two historical pairs from the DBA 2.2 list, but the troop types will be played as DBA 3.  For example, 5x Warband will be 5 x Horde, 3 x Spear will be 3 x Pike.    In two rounds player choses one of opponent's pair to play with, in 2 rounds opponent chooses one of yours.  This event is limited to pairs of elements on 40mm bases due to limits of boards and terrain available.  Players who want to use 60mm bases are welcome, if they bring boards and terrain. I will have some pairs available for those who need armies.   I can also answer questions about converting 2.2 armies to 3 armies,  If you cannot play, feel free to come and watch a while.

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